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Greeley Tent and Awning is a Northern Colorado Front Range company that provides sun control devices for our customers enjoyment indoor and outside the home. Our core business revolves around a professional staff of installers, seamstresses and sales staff that are interested in serving the customer. Creation of customized canvas, mesh, and vinyl projects are our specialty. Specialty flags and banners are also created by our skilled staff.

Greeley Tent and Awning is a member of the Industrial Fabrics Association International, and is an affiliate of The Greeley Chamber of Commerce.

Greeley Tent and Awning is owned and operated by Julie A. Heyer. As a businesswoman in a non traditional role, the challenge of creating a friendly customer environment along with quality construction is our goal.


I would highly recommend Greeley Tent and Awning for the job you have in mind for them. They do very good work, high quality, well organized, and very punctual. Their prices seem to be very competitive and fair. They did a great job for our company, and I know they will do a great job for you. They will definitely have the opportunity to do the next available project at our facility.


R. Cole -
Eaton, CO


On behalf of the Fort Robinson Tree Plant Committee and the Longs Peak Council, please accept my deepest thanks for you donation of the 20’ flagpole to be used as part of our 20th anniversary celebration this coming spring. The monument to the youth and adults who have done an absolutely spectacular job of planting hundreds of thousands of trees to re-forest that area will be even better because of your troop’s generosity. I personally cannot wait to see the finished product. The Fort Robinson Tree Re-plant is a wonderful example of what dedicated Scouting volunteers can do. This is a conservation project with unbelievable impact, done with little fan fare and much love. Boys who participated in the first few years are now taking their sons to see what they did as scouts. What a great legacy.
Thanks, again for your assistance in making the 20th anniversary of the project possible.


J. Brannon - Greeley, CO


I appreciate the promptness of replacing the zipper on this 23-year-old jacket. I realize that 90% of the time, the slider is the problem. I am not upset that you replaced the slider and thought, “All is Well”. I have no problem paying for the slider replacement job in addition to the costs for replacing the entire zipper. You can’t work for free!
I’ve been to other canvas repair shops. Sadly, none have given me the quality of work as I have received with you. You are my first choice for repairs. You are the first name that comes out of my mouth when hunting buddies complain that “Nobody wants to fix my or the zipper on my $125 sleeping bag.”
Again, I thank you for the quality of your work and for treating the guy who needs a $50 repair with the same respect and courtesy as the guy who wants a $1200 built. I just don’t find that kind of service on every corner.


K. Byers
- Brighton, CO


As a long-term client of Greeley Tent and Awning, I want to express my appreciation for the rapid response to my request for repairs to one of my awning frames. The two workers were courteous, punctual, and professional. I have always experienced excellent service from your firm, and continue to hold you in high regard.


D. Swart - Brighton, CO


As a member of the Pierce Senior Center we engaged Greeley Tent and Awning to replace our awning at the center. They done a very good job and we were pleased with the work they done. We would recommend their work to anyone.


F. Batman - Pierce, CO


Greeley Tent and Awning contacted me in a professional manner and at my request quoted a replacement awning for my commercial building. Contractor reviewed the support system, coordinated with the specifications from my national office on PMS colors, type, font, color, shading ect… to make sure I was in compliance. Product was delivered and installed right on budget and on time.


K. Egan - Greeley, CO


The previous owner of Greeley Tent and Awning had bid the job and I was not willing to commit to that amount. When [the new owner] bought Greeley, I was ready to commit saving me money and also doing a much better job on fit and finish than the prior owner.


B. Boswell - Evans CO



Greeley Awning
2209 9th Street
Greeley, Colorado 80632



Give us a call at (970) 352-0253

Fax us at (970) 352-2013


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