Reduce Energy Costs With Quality Honeycomb Window Covering

Cellular shades on the windows of a blue wall

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are great for energy savings with their insulating honeycomb design paired with a premium selection of fabrics. This high-performance shade is a great addition to any space.

                                   A Solution For Everyone

Do you have an unusual or unique window shape? We have an array of options to find the right size, mounts, and closures.

Cellular shades on a cream-themed bedroom

                               Created for High-Performance

Honeycomb shade design

The honeycomb-shaped cells fill the gap around your window insulation around your window providing savings year-round.

3/8" Single Cell

 Sleek Silhouette for smalled  windows
     (available in select fabrics only)

1/2" Double Cell

      The double-layered cell provides                    the greatest energy savings.

3/4" Single Cell

           Clean and sleek which is best for                   medium to large windows

1 1/4" Single Cell

            The large cell size is beneficial                  for large or oversized  windows